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Looselips, Explained

All about looselips
Lips are also indicator of an equine’s emotions. Like people, when equines are uptight they lock their jaws and purse their lips. One trainer refers to this as “fish butt lips.” If your equine resembles this remark, chances are he is bottled up with worried tension and thinking on how to protect himself. He is not particularly concerned about pleasing you! Loose lips indicate relaxation and contentment. Licking, chewing, and yawning indicate tension release and the “light bulb coming on,” kind of like us slapping our foreheads. Duh!

Equine and human alike want relaxed, happy and mindful relationships. Our efforts to achieve that goal can be challenging, sometimes frustrating, and often times funny! Observing how your donkey, mule, or horse is feeling - and how you are feeling - are the indicators of how to start, and where to go. Looking for loose lips is a good place to begin.

Have you started yet? Where do you want to go?!

Published on 4 July 2021

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