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So, Where to Now?

Where do you want to go?
Where do you want to go? Sometimes we don’t start, because we don’t have a destination! Other times we spin about here, there and everywhere! Loving and intrigued by most all things equine, we at The Two Sweet are often “Spinners,” though we are sometimes snagged by centrifugal forces that lead us down unexpected paths.

Ross knew he was passionate about training donkeys and promoting their wellbeing. He loves teaching new skills and enjoys the interaction with his clients, both two and four -legged! He didn’t know he was fascinated about the science of hoof balance until he began studying hoof issues. Now a certified barefoot trimmer, Ross continually searches to deepen his knowledge, not content to believe he “knows it all.” Who does?! Kay “fell” into a passion for equine body work. Previously leery of anatomy know-how due to a hyper sensitivity to “blood and guts,” it dawned on her that her sensitivity is an asset. She very much wants to help our equine buddies who hide their pain until it surfaces as undesirable behavior or a too obvious affliction. Overjoyed with her results on her own horses, Kay is avidly studying to be an equine body work practitioner. Wow! She would have never guessed!

We often don’t know where we are headed, until we begin!

Published on 3 July 2021

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