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Keller Equine Services specializes in providing a full spectrum
approach to owner and equine education. That means that we look at
your equine’s world as a fully-integrated system, where all components
of environment and behavior affect one another. We provide you with
the tools and techniques to be a better partner for your equine friend.
We also provide services that encompass your entire “equine world.”

We offer the following services:

  • Training for you and your horse or donkey
  • Hoof care focused on the specific needs of donkeys and mules
  • Feeding, care, enclosure, and shelter consulting
  • Riding instruction

About Us

Ross and Kay Keller own The Two Sweet, Ltd., d/b/a Keller Equine Services
in Parker, Colorado. They have 50+ years of combined experience in donkey
and horse training and care. They ride, drive, burro race, pack into the wilderness, show, and sometimes just go on a picnic hike with their donkeys. Ross is a passionate advocate for the longears. Kay loves them too, but the
first word she ever uttered was "horse."


Contact Ross at (720) 425-0845 or email to Ross@KellerEquineServices.com
Contact Kay at (720) 363-7134 or email to Kay@KellerEquine.com